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Some of the important technology-centred research projects carried out by the Academy are as under :

+ Twin Pit Pour Flush Toilet

The Academy is involved in different R&D activities to promote and implement twin pit pourflush toilet (Sulabh Shauchalaya) in different hydro geological conditions and effective killing of bacteria and other pathogens in human excreta manure.

+ Public Toilets Linked with Biogas Plants

Public Toilet Complexes constructed and maintained by Sulabh, which have a substantially large number of users every day are linked with biogas plants.

Sulabh Academy is engaged in the promotion, design improvement, liasoning with different funding agencies, evaluation and monitoring of community toilets linked biogas plants in India and abroad.

In addition, to these, Academy has given valuable inputs, time to time in the development of R&D projects such as

  1. Sulabh Effluent Treatment (SET) by which effluent of human excreta based biogas plant becomes colourless, odourless and pathogen free, safe for aquaculture, agriculture purposes or discharge into any water body;
  2. Duckweed based Waste Water Treatment;
  3. Water Hyacinth for enhanced biogas generation;
  4. Bio-fertilizer from water discharged from public toilets;
  5. Sulabh Thermophilic Aerobic Composter (STAC) technology for composting bio-degradable waste without manual handling in 8-10 days; and
  6. Low Maintenance Wastewater Treatment System (LOMWATS) also known as Decentralised Waste Water Treatment System (DEWATS) etc
+ UN-HABITAT Vacutag Development Project

Sulabh Academy in collaboration with the UN-HABITAT for its project entitled UN-HABITAT Vacutug Development Project for “Income Generation through the provision of integrated sanitation systems for low-income urban communities” monitored the working efficiency and income generation through Vacutug machine used for desludging sewage from toilet pits from small settlements and clusters, where conventional system of desludging is a major problem.

+ Testing of Sewage and Industrial Samples

One of the achievements of Academy has been testing of samples. The SIITRAT was approved by the Delhi Pollution Control Board for testing samples of effluent from different industrial units in Delhi and also providing adequacy certificate about quality of the effluent discharged from the effluent treatment of the industries. More than 4000 samples have been tested.

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